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End Effector / Handling Arm


End Effector / Handling Arm

End Effector / Handling Arm

  • End Effector / Handling Arm

  • End Effector / Handling Arm

    Ceramic End Effector / Handling Arm is installed on wafer handling robot or "end effectors" and used to carry silicon wafers into or out of cassettes or process chambers.
    The benefits of using ceramics are reduction of deflection due to high flexural strength, resistance to high temperatures, and elimination of metal contamination and particles.


  • Vacuum hands with inner channel

    Vacuum End Effector / Handling Arm with inner channel

  • Tray hands

    Tray End Effector / Handling Arm

  • Hands with embedded porous pads

    End Effector / Handling Arm with embedded porous pads


  • Alumina


    The most commonly used ceramic material, alumina is relatively inexpensive yet demonstrates favorable properties such as electrical insulation, wear resistance, and chemical stability.

  • Silicon carbide

    Silicon Carbide

    This material is second in hardness to only diamond and boron carbide.
    Also, it has high heat resistance, wear resistance, Young's modulus, low thermal expansion, and excellent chemical stability.

  • Corseed


    Developed in-house, this material has a good thermal conductivity near that of metal and offers a density high enough to prevent particle retention.

  • ASUZAC's original vacuum wafer hand with inner channel

    Outgas freeAdhesive free

    ASUZAC's original vacuum End Effector / Handling Arm with inner channel

    ASUZAC offers a vacuum ceramic End Effector / Handling Arm with a built-in hollow channel. We specialize in a technique that forms a vacuum air channel inside a single piece of material without needing to combine several plates together using adhesive.

    Because the hollow channel can be created without adhesive, there is no risk of delamination, outgassing, or increased particles. ASUZAC's vacuum End Effector / Handling Arm with built-in channel are durable and can be used at high temperatures. Moreover, our manufacturing cost can be reduced by eliminating unnecessary assembly.

  • Min
    AFull thickness 1.5 4
    BHollow channel thickness 0.5 0.7
    CWall thickness between hollow channel and surface 0.5 -
    DHollow channel width 2 6
    EAllowable distance from side 2 -
    FSuction hole diameter 10 230
    GHollow channel length - 360

    ※These dimensions may change according to the size and shape.
    Please contact us for details.

  • Standardized parts are also available.
  • Standardized parts are also available.

Standardized parts are also available.

For customers requiring short lead times and immediate shipment, we offer standardized products to eliminate the need for design and discussion.

Please feel free to consult us about our standardized product lineup!

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