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Fine Ceramics Division | ASUZAC

ASUZAC supports the needs of worldwide manufacturing industries with our unmatched ceramic material and machining technology.


ASUZAC can suggest a fine ceramic solution that is just right for your industry's application.

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Porous vs Microdrilled - Wafer Suction Test

ASUZAC compared the suction power between a porous pad and a microdrilled pad on warped wafers.
The test showed that the microdrilled pad gripped warped wafers more firmly than the porous one. Click on the right photo to watch the video (in Japanese only).
Please feel free to contact us if you need to test wafer suction with your equipment.

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ASUZAC's Fine Ceramics

ASUZAC is a manufacturer of fine ceramic components. We handle the entire process from raw material to cleaning and packing. ASUZAC provides various fine ceramic materials including high-purity alumina, black alumina, silicon carbide (SiC), porous ceramics, and more. We have a product lineup that cannot be imitated, such as super-large ceramic components, and vacuum wafer hands with a hollow channel that is built in a single piece. ASUZAC is also capable of developing various materials through joint efforts with our customers.
Count on us for your fine ceramic needs! We can provide you with unparalleled products that satisfy your requirements.

OmotenashiASUZAC Co., Ltd., Fine Ceramics Division has been awarded the Gold Certificate of Hospitality Standard in 2019, and registered as a company providing service of the highest quality.

Hospitality Standard Certification or "Omotenashi Kikaku Ninsho" is a registration system established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The purpose of the system is to promote the provision, maintenance, and improvement of high-quality services and to enhance productivity for all service providers. ASUZAC Co., Ltd., Fine Ceramics Division has obtained a third-party qualification that our division provides services that exceed customer expectations and conducts businesses that maintain a certain level of quality in terms of facilities and non-personal services.

Based upon this honor, we will make further efforts to improve and maintain the spirit of hospitality or "Omotenashi".

→ Click here for the Hospitality Standards Certification site.
→ Click here for the Gold Certificate - Japan Service Quality site.

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