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Fine Ceramics Products


Fine Ceramics Products

Semiconductor Industry

Various types and sizes of semiconductors are built into almost all electronic devices that we use daily, such as personal computers, TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and even LED light bulbs.
ASUZAC is proud to be one of the leaders in manufacturing ceramic components that fulfill the strict quality standards required by the industry.
Unlike others, our ceramic components are consistently able to prevent damage to and contamination of wafers that must be handled carefully during the fabrication, transport, and storage processes.

Display Industry

Ceramics are one of the indispensable materials required for manufacturing displays. Display sizes are constantly growing, and demand for OLED displays is increasing due to adoption in smart phones.

Manufacturing larger displays requires larger ceramic components. ASUZAC is one of a few companies in the world who are capable of manufacturing extremely large, single-piece ceramic components. We have ample experience producing long and narrow ceramic frames, and heavy susceptors for display manufacturing equipment.

Electronic Parts Industry

Ceramic substrates are used not only for electric circuits but also as sintering jigs for ceramic condensors and ferrites. In order to improve degreasing properties, porous ceramics are often chosen.
ASUZAC can recommend the ideal substrate for your type of electronic component.

Sintering Jigs

Our sintering jigs can be used at high temperatures (1500 ℃).
We can also provide parts in various sizes and shapes such as SiC setters thinner than 2mm, crucibles and porous SiC for degreasing.

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