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Division Profile/Message/Environmental Policy

Division Profile

Division Profile

Company Name ASUZAC Inc.
Division Name Fine Ceramics Division
Year Established October, 1981
Location Headquarters: 981 Nakayama, Takayama-mura, Nagano-ken, Japan, 382-8508
Factory Takayama FactoryClick here for location
Offices Headquarters, Tokyo, OsakaClick here for location
TEL 026-248-1626
FAX 026-251-2160
Services R&D, Production, Machining, and Sales


As a pioneer in the fine ceramics industry, ASUZAC makes continuous efforts to contribute to the development of advanced technology that satisfies the needs of numerous industrial markets.




We "ASUZACkers" value teamwork and devote ourselves to pursuing mutual happiness for us, our customers, the communities, and society as a whole, in a creative and timely way.


Ceramics refer to porcelain, glass, cement, and other natural inorganic materials that are sintered in a furnace.

Fine ceramics, or so called "Advanced Technical Ceramics" use purified, synthetic raw materials such as alumina, zirconia, and silicon nitride in order to maximize specific properties for particular functions, such as high hardness, wear resistance, electric insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, electric or thermal conductivity, and more.

Utilizing these characteristics, ceramics' applications range widely and market demand has steadily expanded. They are most commonly used in major industrial fields such as information technology, electronics, automobiles, energy, and environmental protection.

We pride ourselves on deepening the relationship with our customers and accurately grasping their needs to co-develop new products in line with their mid to long-term road-maps.

We contribute to building a prosperous society with functions only ceramics can provide, and will continue to seek innovations that meet the needs of the near-future.


1981 Established as AKITA RIKEN Co., Ltd.
1982 Construction of Materials Center
1983 Expansion of Materials Center
1985 Started fine ceramics production for semiconductor fabrication equipment by releasing to the market "a wafer hand with a built-in hollow vacuum channel", the first ever in Japan.
Introduced slip-casting and sheet-forming methods.
1986 Expansion of Materials Center
1986 Construction of Machining Center
2000 Established ASUZAC CO., Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
2001 Expansion of Machining Center
2002 Certified for ISO9002
2005 Certified for ISO14001

Environmental Policy

ABIS 520-02-00

ASUZAC (Fine Ceramics & Aluminum Division) Environmental Policy

  • 1. As a comprehensive living infrastructure company, we make continuous efforts to enhance people's happiness and to maintain the natural environment and its resources for our descendants.

  • 2. We understand the impacts that our business operation has on the environment and make active and continuous efforts to prevent pollution.

  • 3. We reduce the impact on the environmental by saving energy and reducing waste.

  • 4. We comply with the regional and national laws and also follow the agreement with our stakeholders.

  • 5. Environmental policies are documented, implemented, maintained and communicated throughout the organization.
    This environmental policy will be announced outside the company.

October 1, 2016
Managing Director of Fine Ceramics Division Isao Kubo

  • ISO14001 JCQA-E-0932
    ISO14001 JCQA-E-0932
    Takayama Factory

Quality Policy


Quality Policy

We strive to provide value
above and beyond
customer expectations.

Additional note:

Fulfill customers' requirement and continually change rules and organizations for the better across daily operations.

April 1, 2017
Managing Director of Fine Ceramics Division Isao Kubo

  • ISO9001 JCQA-1769
    ISO9001 JCQA-1769
    Takayama Factory,Sales Office

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