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  • Crucibles

  • Crucibles

    Crucibles are non-reactive, heat-resistant containers used in high temperature environments.
    High-purity silicon carbide (SiC) is used to improve thermal resistance up to 2000 ℃.

Firing Test

  • Thick-film large substrates

    Before firing test

    Left: ASUZAC crucible with heat resistance up to 2000℃ sintered in nomal atmospheric environment.
    Right: Low-purity SiC impregnated crucible with heat-resistance up to 1350℃

  • Test

    These two crucibles were fired in an inert atmosphere furnace at 1450℃.
    (*When fired in an oxidizing atmosphere, a SiO2 film is formed on the surface.)

  • Metalized products

    After firing test

    Left: ASUZAC's crucibles remained unchanged!
    Right: Low-purity SiC impregnated crucible with heat-resistance up to 1350℃

  • Crucibles

    Able to withstand high temperatures, we manufacture high-purity silicon carbide (SiC) crucibles!

    Standard product:
    Size: φ90 × 90t
    Internal volume: 400ml

    Products are customizable, even from single orders.
    The internal volume can be increased up to 1000ml.

    We can produce a lid as well.


  • Crucibles

    Your own originally-designed crucible can be customized from single item orders.

    Not only standard cylindrical crucibles but also rectangular and other irregular shapes are possible. In additional to SiC, our 99.6% purity standard alumina is also available.

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Customizable from single quantity orders.
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