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Process / Materials / R&D Center

Process Center

Process Center

※For check-in, please proceed to Process Center.

Material Preparation Center

Material Preparation Center

R&D Center

R&D Center

981 Oaza, Nakayama, Takayama, Kamitakai, Nagano, 382-8508 Japan

  • TEL+81-26-248-1626
  • FAX+81-26-251-2160

Access By Train

Access By Train

  • From JR Nagano Station, change to NAGADEN Railway and get off at Suzaka Station or Obuse Station.
    From there it is a 15 minute taxi ride.

    * When coming by taxi, please tell the driver the destination is ASUZAC Fine Ceramics, KAKOU CENTER (or Process Center)

  • From Tokyo
    Take the Shinkansen bound for JR Nagano Station. It takes about 80 to 110 minutes, depending on the type of the train.
  • From Nagoya
    Take JR Limited Express Wide View Shinano bound for Nagano Station. It takes 3 hours.

Access by car

15 minutes from Joshinetsu Expressway “Obuse Smart IC”

Turn left at the T-junction immediately after leaving the Obuse Smart Inter Change (The Highway Oasis building will be in front of you).
There is a sign “To Suzaka / Takayama, turn right” on the other side of the road, but just ignore it and take the route to “Nakano City / Obuse-cho”.
Turn right at the third traffic light "Obuse Bridge Minami" and turn right at the intersection of "Matsukawabashi Kita" where Daily Yamazaki is on the right.
Cross the bridge and turn left at the first traffic light “Matsukawa Danchi Kita” and go straight.
Drive up the mountain path a bit, there will be a rock quarry on the left.
Keep going for a while and you will see an ASUZAC sign on the right.

20 minutes from Joshinetsu Expressway "Suzaka Nagano Higashi IC"

Turn right at the traffic light immediately after leaving the IC.
Turn right at the traffic light of “Kokotakacho” and drive to the direction of "Sugadaira" along the Route 58.
Turn left at the signal of “Kamihachicho” with Lawson on the left corner.
Drive along the Kita-Shinano Fruit Road, passing through the Kamatayama Tunnel.
Then turn right at the T-junction with the signal of “Mushikori Kita”.
Drive up the mountain path a bit, there will be a rock quarry on the left.
Keep going straight for a while and you will see an ASUZAC sign on the right.

It takes 20 minutes by taxi from Nagaden Suzaka Station.

It takes 50 minutes by taxi from JR Nagano Station.

Japan Offices

  • Tokyo Office

    Tokyo Office

    3-6-1 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Sanshin Hirose Building 3F
    101-0047, Japan

    • TEL03-3251-8225
    • FAX03-3251-8226

    30 second walk from West Exit of JR Kanda Station.
    5 minute walk from Kanda Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.
    10 minute walk from Shin Nihonbashi Station on the Sobu Rapid Line.


  • Osaka Office

    Osaka Office

    5-3-4 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Shin-Osaka Takako Building 7F,
    532-0011, Japan

    • TEL06-6309-1879
    • FAX06-6309-1793

    8 minute walk from South Exit of JR Shin-Osaka Station.


Overseas Factories

Tỉnh Bình Dương (Binh Duong Province)
(VSIP-Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park)

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