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  • Alumina

  • Alumina

    Alumina is aluminum oxide, the most versatile material among ceramics.
    Alumina is a representative material of fine ceramics because it has high electric insulation, wear resistance, and chemical stability but is relatively inexpensive.
    ASUZAC offers a wide range of high-purity and high-performance alumina ceramics.
    We have four grades of standard ceramics [AR-99.6, ARW, ARK, AR-4N] and two grades of special alumina [AR (B), AR (B) -99.6].
    The features and details of each are listed below. Please choose the best-suited material depending on your application.

  • Features

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Features by grade

  • AR-99.6


    Generally, alumina is a type of fine ceramics with excellent mechanical, thermal, electrical, magnetic and scientific properties.
    One of the alumina materials we highly recommend is 99.6% or higher purity alumina required for the semiconductor manufacturing process.
    We can provide products in line with customers' requests, from small-sized items of fingertips to long-sized products up to 4m in length and hollow built-in vacuum channel products. All of these products have unparalleled characteristics unique to ASUZAC.

  • ARW / ARK

    ARW / ARK

    This is a thin alumina made by a molding technique called "the doctor blade method". It is possible to manufacture thin products around 1mm thick. The color is white, and we have experience producing alumina substrates and dummy wafers. ARW is 99.6% pure and ARK is 96%.

  • AR-4N


    Alumina purity is 99.99%. This is an effective material especially for applications where impurities are not allowed.

    AR-99.6 AR-4N
    Na Concentration
    Less than
    Less than
    K Concentration
    Less than
    Less than
    Fe Concentration
    Less than
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    Ti Concentration
    Less than
    Less than
  • AR (B) / AR (B) -99.6 Black alumina

    AR (B) / AR (B) -99.6 Black alumina

    This black alumina excels in its low light reflectivity while retaining the mechanical properties of standard alumina. Currently, the color of alumina used for semiconductor and display manufacturing equipment is mainly white or ivory, which is problematic when used as a component around the light source or the focal plane as it reflects light and causes flare.
    The black alumina can suppress surface light reflection while maintaining the strength and durability that are the characteristics of fine ceramics.
    (Reflectivity is 5.1 to 15.3% at a wavelength of 240 to 2600 nm)
    The black alumina works at a temperature of 300 ℃. Therefore, it is strong and durable enough to withstand the harsh, heated environment near the light source.

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