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Corseed, Electrically Conductive Ceramics|Ceramics materials


Corseed, Electrically Conductive Ceramics

Corseed, Electrically Conductive Ceramics

  • Corseed

  • Corseed

    It is an electrically conductive ceramics originally developed by ASUZAC.
    Since Corseed is conductive, there is no need to apply conductive coating and can be used as-is.
    Compared to metals, Corseed is excellent in chemical resistance and can be used for parts that require strength and precision.

  • Conductive


    Excellent electric conductivity prevents damage by ESD. No coating is required, meaning no worry about peel-off that causes particles.
    *ESD: Electro-Static Discharge

  • Chemical resistance

    Chemical resistance

    Can be used in environments where chemicals such as hydrochloric, sulfuric, and hydrofluoric acids are used.

  • Hardness: Hv9

    Hardness: Hv9

    Reduces abrasion particles and contact damage caused by hardness difference between the silicon wafer and Corseed in holding & transferring process.

  • Dense


    Excellent surface roughness keeps microscopic dusts and particles away.
    Corseed is ideal for use in environments where cleanliness is required.

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