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Ceramics Technology Column

Ceramics Technology Column

Testing of lint adhesion by electrostatic diffusion alumina coating

Test description

For uncoated products and transfer End Effectors with Asuzac electrostatic diffusion alumina coating (ADC and ADB films),We tested the degree to which lint adheres to the End Effector when it is wiped off with a rag.

  • Rags used

    Rags used

    Use coarse-grain rags that tend to produce lint

  • Check for lint adhesion

    Check for lint adhesion

    After wiping with a rag, blow-dry the surface to check for lint adhesion.
    ※The shiny spot is lint.

Test results after 100 trials

Test results after 100 trials

It is clear that lint adhesion is greatly reduced in End Effector that have been treated with ADB and ADC films compared to the uncoated product.

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